Ways To Increase the Value of Your Offer without Increasing the Purchase Price

The first one is you could definitely waive the appraisal contingency. You could also do a free rent back.

Second, waiving some and/or all inspections. If you feel comfortable enough, you could waive any and all inspections of the property. Or if you don't wanna waive all the inspections, you could put a cap on how much inspections you're gonna ask for after you do get those inspections back.

Third, buyer paying all closing costs and also title transfer fees. Instead of asking the seller to pay your closing costs, you could pay those closing costs on your own, and you can talk to me about how you could do that in getting enough money to cover those closing costs.

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Fourth, non-contingent sale. And so if you are looking to sell your home, when you go to make the offer, talk with your lender and ask them if you can do a non-contingent sale.

The last one, is a commitment to use a local bank, a local lender in your area that you wanna purchase.

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